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    Product Description

    Yoga Bolster :

    Our bolster comes with a machine-washable cover and a useful carrying handle, making it ideal for both studio and home use. Featuring a strong zip, these bolsters comes in a large selection of colours. Though cylindrical version is the most popular bolster, Rectangular bolster and Neck pillow can also be offered.

    Product Specifications:
    Cylindrical/round bolster
    Rectangular bolster
    59 cm Length x 21.5 cm dia
    50x30x15cm /35x23x8 cm /38x12x10 cm
    2.2 Kg (buckwheat)/2.6 Kg (cotton)
    1.95 Kg (cotton)/900 gms (cotton)/930gms (buckwheat)
    Outer Cover
    Dyed Cotton Twill
    Dyed Cotton Twill
    Inner Cover
    Zippered Cotton Drill
    Zippered Cotton Drill
    Filling options
     Kapok/cotton / buckwheat hull
     Kapok/cotton/ buckwheat hull
    Customization Option
    Private Labeling
    Order Qty
    Stipulates minimums
    Your Designs
    Varies with styles
    Your Logo
    Options available
    Our Company

    Yoga is our passion

    This passion kindled a fire in us to produce exceptional quality, yet economical props for the Yoga community around the world. We started in the year 2000 producing Yoga Rugs and Mat Bags for some American brands. We added new products, as our rugs and bags were well accepted by the leading brands, thanks to their superb design, exceptional craftsmanship, choice of eco friendly material, and professionalism. And slowly, we expanded the product portfolio and markets too!
    Primarily, we are a Private Label Manufacturer catering to leading Yoga brands worldwide. Whether you are a well established brand scouting for a manufacturing partner in a low cost economy or a new start up struggling with MOQs, we treat you as Maharajas. Brands that succeed stay relevant and we help you succeed.
    Yoga’s ethical precepts guide our everyday choices. We embrace these values; focus on gender equality, safe manufacturing practices that meet global standards.
    Our team is proud to have turned our dreams into a reality in one and half decade of dedication. Thank you so much for your loyal patronage and support, & for helping to make our enterprise a success. Incredible credit and thanks go to the team of CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries), The Netherlands for their export coaching programs that initiated our successful EU market entry. We were audited by CBI’s European experts and extensively coached for doing business in Europe.
    We have founded this company not for earning fat profits and perks, but for the sheer joy and purpose of spreading the message behind Yoga and Meditation.

    Our Services
    Creating your own products used to mean a significant up-front investment — purchasing a minimum amount of the product as dictated by the manufacturer, paying for warehousing, packaging, point-of-sale systems, and other overhead costs. And that was all before you even took a single order! At AA, We realize your predicament and devised solutions to overcome the hurdles in your path to progress.
    This program enables you to market props under your own brand. Our team has extensive product development expertise and can work with you to prototype and manufacture sustainable products to meet your specific needs in Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure products.Our Services:
    AA team has meticulously designed and produced high-quality Yoga and Meditation Aids for many a global brands. Working closely with their clients at the concept level, we always identifies the goals of the client, targeted market segment and the budget. Our designs are then taken through a comprehensive process from inception, sampling to production and delivery. Our in-depth understanding of materials and production processes, coupled with ethical business practices, ensures products unrivalled in quality.
    At AA, we have been designing, producing and delivering private label merchandise in Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure products for leading retailers, manufacturers and webshops since 2000.Product Innovation:
    From creating new, original designs, to adapting to your existing artwork into exciting products, to producing high-quality faithful reproductions, our team has the requisite skills to ensure your success. We can adapt existing designs and logos and transform them into innovative products for your on line or off line store. You can bank on our years of experience working with European teams and can create a great product line around your logo. We know how to translate your designs into best-selling product programs.Samples and Prototypes:
    From a sketch, to a model, to a sample, to the final product- We prototype your new products before you decide on the final product. Depending on your needs, we can develop new graphics or products that fit within your marketing plan.

    Our reputation for working on a wide variety of materials is built over thirteen years of attention to detail and technical innovation. The challenges our clients bring to us every day make us a better company.

    Various printing techniques from sublimation to technical silk screening, embroidery, weaving, dying, spray finishing, and more…

    Execution and Delivery:
    With our in-depth understanding of design, materials and production processes and legislative requirements of EU on quality standards help us deliver right products on time and on budget!
    Eye for detail with an attention to quality – you’re in good hands with AA. We test our products for safety and quality to any standard you require.

    Packaging & Shipping:
    Product packaging can also be customized, if the client desired so.
    Normally, each product is poly sheet wrapped or heat sealed.
    FCL or LCL shipments can be handed over to your forwarder or can also be handled by us.
    If you need door delivery, that can be arranged.


    Q: How long does it to finish the goods?
    A: Depends on the volume of business. Small quantities can be shipped within a week.

    Q. Do you have international reference to provide?
    A: Yes, we do have. We are one of the reputed companies in India in the field of Yoga and Meditation.

    Q: Can you make custom designed products?
    A: Yes, we do.

    Q: Can you enter into Non-disclosure agreement?
    A: Yes, definitely.

    Q: How do you handle rejection, if any?
    A: In the rare event of rejection of goods, we replace the goods or repay the money paid.

    Additional information

    Fabric Count


    Place of Origin

    Delhi, India




    59 x 21.5cm, 59×21.5 cm




    Brown, Orange, Plum, Sky Blue

    Product Name

    Bolster Pillow


    100% Cotton



    Model Number



    Memory, Therapy, Yoga & Meditation




    2.2-2.6 kg

    Brand Name




    Age Group





    Buckwheat/ Cotton/Kapok

    Thread Count



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